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Optimize and discover your genetics are with our genetic testing service!

Our Genetic Testing is the perfect test to figure out how to optimize your genetics. Genetic Testing with Review Includes: Nutrition & Weight management Foundation/ methylation/wellness Tricho Alopecia Biological age Neurotransmitter Sports testing Gastrointestinal Skin Genetics Acne

Lying in the Grass

Allergy Testing is here to help you figure out what foods and environmental allergens your body reacts to!

The Environmental Allergies panel test uses the ImmunoCAP technology to assess how the body responds to 295 environmental allergens. The test also measures the levels of total IgE antibodies in the blood sample. The Food Allergy Panel measures immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies produced in the blood in response to 285 different food allergens. In addition to labwork, Cheek swabs can also be done to check for food and environmental allergies.


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