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Laser Hair Removal

Smooth Skin, Without the Hassle

Our laser hair removal service is a virtually pain free treatment that uses contact cooling and in-motion technology to keep you comfortable throughout. It’s proven safe for all skin tones and hair types, providing effective results from light to dark skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Remove Any Unwanted Tattoos

Our laser tattoo removal service is a safe and effective way of removing tattoos. With our laser, you will be left with natural looking skin. Reasons to remove a tattoo include: -Getting ahead professionally -Removing the name of a former flame -Clearing the slate for a new tattoo -Eliminating a misspelled word -If you’re joining the military -To look perfect for your big day -Eliminating an image that lost its significance

DyeVL (IPL) Laser

The New "Gold Standard" to Treat Various Skin Conditions

DYE-VL is a laser that combines two technologies, Pulsed Dye Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), this works to treat a variety of skin conditions. These include: -Vascular lesions -Pigmented lesions -Port wine stains -Hemangioma -Rosacea -Angiomas -Venous malformation

ClearLift Pro Laser

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Wrinkles and Sunspots!

ClearLift works by emitting short, yet powerful bursts of light which reach underneath the skin’s surface. It stimulates collagen and breaks apart unwanted pigmentation. This helps treat a number of different concerns. These include: -Fine Lines and Wrinkles -Scars and Striae -Sun Spots and Age Spots


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